Monday, April 23, 2012



Hello old friend
I know it’s been a while, comrade
I have no excuse but
It’s good to see your smile again

The circumstances leading to
our estrangement are now moot
still, I needed to clear the air

the crux of the contention
is your belief that I’ve changed
your desire is to reconnect
with me on some level

to reacquire some semblance
of informality and warmth
that once filled every corner
of our time together

I regretfully submit to you
That you only knew
the porcelain mask I created
specifically for you

your connection to that mask
was obliterated at the very moment
that you shattered it

in the irony of all ironies
had you known the man behind that mask
your instant dislike of him
would rival my veiled resentment of you

in essence, what I am saying is
the person you once knew affectionately
no longer exists

but let’s do lunch sometime

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