Saturday, April 07, 2012

But If

But If 

I’m not known to be sentimental so
Don’t go expecting cards or flowers, it’s
Just not in my nature to go on
Celebrating each moment like it’s new

I’m not known to cry wistfully at times
When others declare their lives to one
It’s not me to empathize with those
Who waste their time blushing and sighing

But if you smile at me, I’m your fool
I will move heaven and earth for you
You needn’t ask a thing from me
I will read your mind,
And give all to you

All your dreams and wants, I’m for you
I’ll produce them, just call my name
I will not hesitate
I will defy time
To be by your side

I’m not known to be outspoken or
One who would make scenes to make a point
It’s not in my nature to be loud
Carrying on as a spectacle for crowds

I’m not known to yell joyfully at times
When one makes a vow to be for true
It’s not me to vocalize my goals
Who has time for ranting and raving?

But if you call for me, to shout out
Heaven and earth will all know your name
You needn’t strain your ears to hear the echo
Even the birds will know

My shout will ring out, resound, and rebound,
My voice will fill vacuum and atmosphere
I will not hesitate
I will defy sound
To announce I’m at your side

I’m not known to be confrontational
When others dispute my heart’s intent
It’s not in my nature to fight on
When other’s opinions are meaningless

But if you cry, and are so moved,
Heaven and earth will see my guard of you
You needn’t worry about where my loyalty lay
I will unburden you

All of your fears, will fall, to my will,
I will defend you with my last breath
You needn’t cry again, you won’t be alone
I’m here to fight for you

With all that I am, I am, for you
Heaven and earth will all know your name
I will not hesitate
I will defy all
To be by your side


  1. What a beautiful declaration of love ~ Very clever contrast of your personality with the external and internal world ~ What matters is your intentions and vows with your love ~ Have a good week ahead Barry ~

  2. What a wonderful declaration from an utterly unsentimental person! I like the conversational nature of this piece, the contrast between words and intent.

  3. smiles... that is lovely - def. better to have someone at your side who doesn't make many words and romantic things but will be there and fight by your side if needed..

  4. nice tenacity of love in this....there are all these things i am not but i will be for you///because of you...if need be

    cool on the flag football as well...i used to play in a league...

  5. Wow...powerful and heartfelt. If someone ever wrote a poem like this for me I would be so overwhelmed I would need to be hospitalised, but then again, I'm a blusher and sigher :) Whoever this person was in 2012 I hope she responded and you are now living together in connubial bliss. Enjoyed the fervour of this poem.

  6. When you live by that.. to be loyal - to stand at the side of someone.. I think that's what's needed really.. that what it means to be loyal.

  7. Ah..sounds like the quintessential introvert may you be..and truly it is the introvert that often feels too much to speak..or raise a voice where other folks may be making noise without nearly as much feeling or depth of seeing how complex things really are...INPUT OUTPUT INPUT OUTPUT...for both places i visit now..

    and hmm..
    yes..i find now.. the a more exciting place...but the introvert is a place of solitude and quietness to deliberate still the..

    deeper meanings in i know you do here..:)

    Not always seen..but yes..felt.